Cameo Might Be The Best Video App To Date

Cameo Video App

Cameo Video App

There’s a new video app in the app store and before you roll your eyes, give me one second to explain. This one is called Cameo and it could be the best video app yet for creating videos on the fly.

The app features some super cool and super easy to use editing tools that a professional video editor will appreciate and an amateur will have a blast using.

There is a cool library of themes to stylize your mini-movie. I especially like the VHS and 35mm looks.

There are soundtrack and title options, and one of my favorite features – a super easy to use collaborative video making option. You and your buddies can create a group and submit clips to be edited into a sequence.

All videos can be shared to your social networks (YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo) and to the Cameo feed and network.

None of the features in Cameo are brand new but for the first time they feel like they are done right. This one pushes the envelope for video app networks. Stoked on it.

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